Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Review “Reunion”

There was a dual meaning in the title of this week’s Beauty and the Beast, ‘Reunion’, with Catherine’s ten year high school reunion just happening to coincide with a similarly doomed reunion between Vincent and an old war buddy. On the plus side, this episode featured Blair Redford from The Lying Game and Switched at Birth (two shows I also cover here) but, less good were my feelings on the sustained leap in Catherine and Vincent’s relationship.

The episode starts with Catherine attempting to carve out some time for herself, but this is instantly thwarted when another beast of the week, Zach arrives at her home trying to find Vincent. He attacks her, Vincent finds out and goes after him, and then they discover that they actually know each other. Because Zach’s presence is triggering some old memories for Vincent, he wants to keep him around, and this causes some tension between Vincent and the rest of the cast – including JT, who jealousy at a new friend on the scene isn’t very well concealed.



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