The Blacklist Season1 Review “Frederick Barnes”

After a couple of slogs the previous few weeks, this episode of The Blacklist provided the kind of action and intrigue promised by the show’s earlier episodes. It certainly didn’t hurt that tonight’s main villain was the recognizable Robert Sean Leonard of House fame. As opposed to recent villains that vacilliated between weird and boring, Leonard was a welcome relief. Sure, being capable of mass murder isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of normal, but Leonard didn’t seek to overplay his role, and the procedural aspect of the show worked as a result. I was far less interested in Elizabeth Keen’s internal struggle with shooting bad people. Her inexperience is not an asset to the show. At this point, her biggest contribution is her relationship to Red Reddington. Megan Boone is doing fine, but I’m not very invested in anything that doesn’t have to do with her and Reddington.



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