'How I Met Your Mother' - 'No Questions Asked': Robin Scherbatsky is the Night Falcon

Another week, another wheel-spinning episode of "How I Met Your Mother." Another moment where Barney and Robin come to know one another better that would have played a lot better if it were 48 weeks before the wedding instead of 48 hours, and another story -- that's two in the first seven episodes -- about Marshall worrying if Lily will see an electronic message about him taking the judgeship that was sent by someone else.The broad outlines of "No Questions Asked" were pretty much the same as the four episodes that came before it. A couple of specifics, though, helped redeem the episode at least to a small degree:- The specifics of the No Questions Asked flashbacks, aside from Barney's Macy's emergency, were all pretty solid. The standout, by a good distance, was Robin's alter ego the Night Falcon. I don't really buy into the scattered talk of a "HIMYM" spinoff, but if it's Cobie...



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