How I Met Your Mother Recap: Debt Collection


When the wedding-weekend concept was first announced, I wondered how HIMYM would handle holiday episodes. Some of the Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Year’s installments of the past have been among the best in the series, but given that season nine unfolds in May, holiday spirit is hard to come by.


The writers found a crafty way around this last night, secluding Lily in the spooky room thirteen, which Marshall requested for its haunting by the ghost of a nineteenth-century serial killer (or a popular syphilitic prostitute) by the name of Captain Dearduff the Hooker. Overall, this was a mediocre episode, but I am continually impressed by what the show is doing within the limitations of the setting, especially when it doesn’t strain credibility. I mean, of course the Sasquatch-loving Marshall would want the haunted room, which he would have learned about from one of those programs on Discovery or Syfy (in this case, True and Real Ghost Stories of the Supernatural). The setup fit snugly with not only Halloween but also last week’s semi-cliff-hanger in which Daphne texted Lily the news of Marshall’s judgeship, because now the gang has to sneak into her room and delete the message.  Read More...


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