Revolution Season 2 Review “The Patriot Act”

For all the hype NBC put behind the last episode, Revolution managed to turn out a much stronger episode with this week’s “The Patriot Act.” Several strong character moments and the arrival of a new villain brought a fresh sense of energy to the series, introducing plenty of new conflicts to that should easily carry the show to the midseason finale.

Right out of the gate, we learned that Monroe’s execution was indeed a fake out. Perhaps they could’ve milked this out a bit longer, but I think it was a good choice to just get it out in the open early. Really, the bigger point of his capture last week was to reveal that Gene was actually working with the Patriots, a development that was picked up on this week. As the group planned to sneak Aaron and Cynthia out of town, the question this week was whether or not Gene would end up betraying them again.



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