CSI Season 14 Review “Under a Cloud”

On the latest “CSI,” one of the main team got their own time under the microscope, while another faced down a potentially life-or-death situation involving a bomb, in “Under the Cloud.” Of course, it’s a time-honored tradition on crime procedurals that most everyone on the main team will be accused of a crime at some point, just as it’s just as likely that their life will be in jeopardy at some point, so that aspect of the show wasn’t that original, but I did like the way certain aspects of it were handled here.

For instance, in this case, it was Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) who was accused of planting evidence at a crime scene, in order to frame a likely suspect of a nasty rape/murder. Only it turned out that the accused in question was actually not guilty and had served seven years before DNA evidence proved someone else was responsible. Now free, the formerly accused wanted justice, understandably, and his people had opted to focus in on Greg, who was a new recruit at the time and was the most likely to have tainted the evidence, being as he was alone on the scene for a large amount of the time.




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