Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “Gatekeeper”

When tonight’s Criminal Minds episode opened on a young man in bed with a beautiful woman, I was hoping, just hoping, that the charming and attractive guy was the Unsub. Wouldn’t that be a nice break from the norm? To have the Unsub be a normal dude who has innocent one night stands with attractive blondes? But no, it turns out the Unsub was the creepy guy waiting in the bushes, waiting to complete the creepiest scrapbook ever.

“Gatekeeper” was the fifth episode directed by Spencer Reid himself, Matthew Gray Gubler. He’s directed some great episodes in the past, with last year’s “The Lesson” being my favorite, but he usually picks episodes that are somewhat unique. This was probably the most “standard” Criminal Minds episode that he’s ever tackled, but that didn’t necessarily mean it was bad.



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