'Ravenswood' 'Death and the Maiden': Will the curse go after them one by one?

When we last left our new "Ravenswood" friends, they had all driven off a bridge into a river -- who survived? Read on to find out. As we predicted, Miranda does not survive the car crash and is now a ghost haunting the town. That's about the only big revelation of the episode -- that and the eerie spectre that Miranda saw on the bridge is out there and Miranda is afraid of it.The rest of the episode was spent establishing that something is terrorizing the kids -- someone or some thing goes after Luke while he's lifting weights, lets the dog out of the minivan at the junk yard to go after Remy, etc. Presumably it's the spectre, the thing that meant to kill all five of them and only got Miranda, though the show does a nice job of establishing other people who might want to hurt the kids, i.e. the jerk at...



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