'Arrow' recap: Who is the Black Canary?

"Arrow" has brought us the Black Canary. And the Black Canary is ... Sara Lance? Apparently, Sara isn't quite as dead as Oliver led everyone to believe. In "Crucible," it becomes clear just how much deception has been at work, even if the process by which Sara became the Black Canary remains mysterious.There's more to it than this, but the short version is that Sara is even more messed up than Oliver. Oh, and Oliver lied through his teeth about Sara dying on the yacht. He knows for a fact that she survived that part, even if he did see her later on.The Canary's songIt's mere seconds into "Crucible" that Oliver and Sara are officially reunited. They don't exactly have the happy meeting one might expect from lovers. That might be because Sara doesn't want anyone from her past to know that she's alive. In addition to Oliver, this of course means her family.Bad...



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