'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Laura Boneham teaches us how to win friends and influence people

When we last left our intrepid castaways on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water," Kat was shipped off to Redemption Island. When she gets there, she blasts her tribe members, making us kind of giggle when she calls Tina's daughter a tag-along. Redemption IslandIn the morning, Kat is crying and worried that Hayden is going to be upset with her and ashamed of her. OK, we've actually spent a lot of time with Hayden and he's a really good guy. Seriously, he's so super nice. There's no way he would feel that way, though it's kind of alarming that Kat thinks so. She cries when they arrive at the arena and starts blubbering out an apology. Probst questions them and Hayden says he doesn't view her any differently and his relationship is more important than the game. So Probst challenges him to take Kat's spot right now. Honestly, that's not fair, Probst -- all game he has...



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