'Nashville' recap: Juliette makes another terrible life choice while Avery and Scarlett ... reconnect

Sometimes, with all the glitz and glamor of the Nashville music business, we forget that there are some more sophisticated cultures that have long called Nashville their home. Like, say, the old money country club goers who frequent polo matches. And that upper class circus is where most of our "Nashville" favorites found themselves in Wednesday (Oct. 30) night's all-new episode, "It Must Be You."By a string of coincidences, Rayna, Deacon, Julitette, Tandy, Teddy, Luke Wheeler, and Charlie and Olivia Wentworth all found themselves in their country club finest, watching a bunch of guys on horses hit a ball around a field. The event was good for some, and pretty disastrous for others. First up, Rayna and Tandy found themselves shut out of the wallets of the rich (Rayna was looking to find the capital to buy herself out from Edgehill now that Lamar's assets are frozen) because everyone suspects that Tandy was the...



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