'The Tomorrow People' recap: Will John 'Kill or Be Killed'?

In "Kill or Be Killed," "The Tomorrow People" tells John Young's story and investigates a fundamental bit of the show's philosophy: Is it a strength or a weakness that the Tomorrow People can't kill?The answer in this episode is intriguingly ambiguous. Find out why in this recap."My name is Dr. Jedikiah Price. Would you mind putting down the knife?"John's past is tragic, to say the least. Around the time that John got his funky powers, he was an adolescent living in a rotten foster home. We're talking about the kind of place where Dad drinks the money and the oldest kid has to steal so no one starves.It's almost a blessing when one Dr. Jedikiah Price arrives to whisk John away to a better life.Of course, it's not really better -- just different. Under Jedikiah's dubious care, John learns to fight and to use his powers. John also learns a couple of unfortunate lessons:...



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