Nashville Recap: Polo Matches and Fabulous Hats


Well, that was all kinds of wrong.


Look, I love a soft-focus sex-and-kissing montage as much as the next gal (especially one with the ABC Halloween Spooktacular cobweb graphic creeping in the corner), but it needs to be the right people doing it. Definitely not Deacon and that horrible lawyer lady who ruins everything. (More on her ruinous ways in a bit). Definitely not Juliette and that polo-playing adulterer. Definitely not Gunnar and Zoey — while Scarlett is a few feet away onstage! (Keep it classy, Gunnar and Zoey.) And, oh, hell no, definitely not that possibly shady Luke Wheeler stealing a kiss from Rayna by her car, when both Deacon and Liam are two men with perfectly good lips who also exist in this universe.   Read More...


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