Scandal Recap: We Got Poped

If it were up to me, this entire recap would be fan fiction about that basketball game between Fitz and Jake, but with there were at least 99 plot lines to work through last night, so let’s get right to it.


Everyone knew that Josephine Marcus’ sister was going to end up being her daughter, right? She was basically Chekov’s gun—no one cares about the campaign workers of the currently minor character unless they’re going to be of great importance later in the story. I liked that Marcus, played by Lisa Kudrow, held her own during the debate and was like, “Yeah, I had a kid when I was 15, deal with it.” Even though it freaked out Candy to learn that her sister was her mom, her honesty put Marcus ahead of that smug douchebag Sam Reston and woke up Fitz to the possibility of having real competition during the next election.  Read More...


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