Arrow Season 2 Review “League of Assassins”

One thing that can never be said of Arrow is that it skimps in the action department. There were more fists, feet, and arrows flying in this episode than any other I can remember. That is saying something considering how action packed the first few episodes of this season have been.

The League of Assassins (Ras Al Gul’s daughter in particular) wants Sarah aka Canary to return to the League headquarters. So, they sent some minions to retrieve her. Sarah told them she was out and she wasn’t going back, but they apparently don’t take rejection very well. When they couldn’t get to Sarah, they went after Laurel and Det. Lance. Oliver went to keep an eye on Laurel while Felicity went to try and get Det. Lance to leave town. He of course refused to do that, so Sarah had to reveal herself to him. She took him back to her perch above the city, and waited for the League’s assassins to come to them. Sarah and Oliver were able to defeat the 3 assassins, but I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of the League. Read More....


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