The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “All Tomorrows Parties”

As the Beastie Boys so eloquently put it, you gotta fight for your right to party. The problem is, if you’re one of the tomorrow people, you might end up fighting for your life just because you went to a party. Ultra is such a party pooper. This week’s The Tomorrow People had quite a bit more action than the last few episodes, but there were also a few pretty important revelations too.

Everyone at the tomorrow people basecamp was going a bit stir crazy because John refused to break protocol. He wouldn’t let anyone go out anywhere, and he publicly shamed Kurt for going back home to let his mother know he was ok. Cara could see how restless everyone else was feeling, so she tried to talk John into letting them have a night out. She ended up having to beat him in a fight, but everyone got their wish. Unfortunately for them, it was all a setup. Ultra actually threw the party in an effort to capture John. They set up a bunch of power inhibitors around the club, and then they started shooting. Three of the tomorrow people were killed, many more were wounded before Stephen was able to shut down the power so everyone could get away. Stephen feared that he was the one who accidentally revealed the details of the party, but it wasn’t him. As it turns out, Kurt is the one who betrayed everyone. After John told him not to go back to see his mother ever again, Kurt went back one last time to tell her goodbye. Ultra was waiting for him and told him they would kill her if he didn’t help them capture John. Cara was none too pleased about this turn of events, and she used what little power-stripping serum they had to strip Kurt of his powers. They then kicked him out and told him if he ever told anyone about them, he was dead.



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