Scandal Season 3 Review “Icarus”

Time must move at a faster rate when Scandal is on because that is the quickest hour known to man. I was kind of surprised when I saw the credits rolling because it felt like the episode had just started. That just means that the hour was so engaging that I didn’t even realize it had been an hour. That’s just good television. There weren’t any really huge revelations in this episode, but it certainly feels like we’re on a slow burn right now. I’m looking forward to the eventual explosion.

There really wasn’t a case of the week so much as there was a whole lot of political maneuvering happening. Campaign season has swung into high gear and everyone is clamoring for the top spot. The White House is trying to make sure that Josie Marcus doesn’t get the Democratic nomination. Sally is working the religious base so she can run as an Independent. All the while Cyrus is running a three ring circus trying to navigate circumstances so that Olivia will have to come back and run Fitz’s campaign. It’s truly a madhouse. Olivia has her work cut out for her with Congresswoman Marcus. She’s insisting upon running a clean campaign, but all the while she’s getting slammed in the media because she’s not responding to many of the low-blows being thrown her way. After realizing that the Congresswoman has a bit of a temper, Olivia created a fake political ad so that the Congresswoman would get fired up before a big interview. It worked like a charm. I don’t think Congresswoman Marcus is wise to what they did, but her sister certainly figured it out fairly quickly. She confronted Abby with what she knew, but Abby was typical Abby and she didn’t care. We’ll have to see whether Congresswoman Marcus will take it as cooly that Olivia played her.



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