Glee Season 5 Review “A Katy or a Gaga”

Sigh. After two fantastic Beatles episodes and a fitting send-off for Finn before the break, Glee’s comeback episode, ‘A Katy or a Gaga’, was back to the show we had last year – song choice before plot and convenience before character development. As always, the New York stuff was much better than the Ohio stuff but, with the show brushing the Finn stuff under the carpet, this was as light and inconsequential as you can get.

As Sue rightly says (FYI, Glee, pointing it out doesn’t make it less true), the glee club calling themselves Katys and Gagas might be the most annoying thing they’ve ever done. It’s a like a light bulb went off in my head when Tina whined that the remaining New Directions are all Katy Perrys after losing their biggest stars last year, and never has a truer word been spoken. That hits the nail on the head – this new cast are bland and sweet, with the interesting and complex characters all currently off the show or residing in NYC.



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