Elementary Season 2 Chat: Why I Want To Life Swap With Joan Watson

My adoration of Joan Watson has grown slowly since Elementary began. Standing alongside Jonny Lee Miller’s fireball of eccentricity that is Sherlock is no easy task. One must keep up, but at this point in the series the pupil is threatening to surpass the master. Joan’s journey is grounded in reality: she’s a woman choosing to take her life in an entirely new direction and she’s committed 100% to her goals. But that’s just one of the many, many reasons why I would happily swap lives with Joan.

1. Joan can take down a man twice her size with a stick.

How glorious was that moment when the suspect got away from Sherlock in the season premiere and Joan was waiting to take him out on the other side of the park? Last season her self defense skills were practically nonexistent, but now she’s capable of fighting in her own way, if the situation calls for it.




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