Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Two Against One” Review

It’s simply not possible for everyone to be in a good place at the same time on Grey’s Anatomy. I get it. It’s a drama, but there are a few doctors around Grey Sloan Memorial that could really use a win right now.

First up – Miranda Bailey. Bailey hasn’t not been her usual assertive, self-confident self since the death of her patients last year due to faulty gloves. She fell out with Richard, saved his life and then got fired from his service. Last week, her husband surprised her with the news that he’s quit his surgical residency so that he can be at home with his family. This would typically be welcome news, but Bailey is simply not in the right mental state to deal with such drastic change right now. By the episode’s end, Bailey appeared to be demonstrating signs of OCD. I initially thought she was overcompensating during surgery because of deaths last season, but there was clearly much more at work. I’m glad that her husband is back, as he appears to have a calming effect on her. I don’t like to see Bailey struggle, but it will be interested to learn more about the origins of the issue and how she’ll cope. I fully expect it to be a rocky road.



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