Dracula Season 1 Review “Goblin Merchant Men”

On the latest episode of “Dracula,” apparently not satisfied with the levels of ridiculousness achieved by last week’s title, they somehow managed to top themselves with this week’s “Goblin Merchant Men.”Honestly, if you’re going to camp it up, just go ahead and camp it up. I mean, all the elements are already there, and I’m not just talking about these wacky episode titles.

Think about it: Lady Jayne is all but bursting at the seams of her bodices, and that hasn’t changed, and isn’t likely to- nor should it. Nothing wrong with a little sex appeal, and between Victoria Smurfit and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ shirtlessness, they’ve got that covered. But come on now, you do a scene at a gay nightclub complete with a drag show in one episode and a set-piece in this one in what might as well be a nightclub, where everyone is doing absinthe and listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre while strobe lights flicker on and off and people are dirty dancing…how is this not campy?




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