Drifters Series 1 (E4) Review “Work Experience”

This week’s third episode of new E4 comedy Drifters stuck with the hapless jobseeker shtick for at least one more week, with Meg accidently accepting the internship from hell at a local radio station (the LOL Squad really were repulsive). It’s sad that the world is like this – and, having lived a life very similar to Meg’s over the past few years, I assure you it is – and when Meg’s co-intern gushed about how lucky they were to be bananas in this day and age, I have to admit I chuckled.

Judging by this third offering from Drifters, it’s safe to say that the tone of the show is going to be pretty consistent throughout. With that said, the laugh rate was also pretty similar to that in the first two episodes, so whether you enjoy this will depend entirely on how you felt about last week’s premiere. Laura is still ‘the thick one’ of the group while Bunny is the pretentious floater and this means that they’re perfect for constructing throwaway stories while Meg haplessly deals with the real world.




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