'Homeland' Season 3 episode 6 'Still Positive' recap: Carrie's hiding a big Brody secret

My, Carrie Mathison, that's quite a collection of positive pregnancy tests you've got hidden in your bathroom cabinet. It seems "Homeland" Season 3 has been keeping a big bad secret for as long as Carrie has: the Showtime series' central character is very, very pregnant. And considering the number of pregnancy tests she's been storing (and the fact she hasn't been able to take them daily), it seems as though she's been pregnant for quite some time. Based on the timeline presented in "Tin Man Is Down," it's likely been about three months since Brody and Carrie were last together. She's had another hookup since, but it seems most plausible that this baby is Brody's. And if that's the case, Carrie has got some much bigger problems to deal with than her recent capture of Javadi, because now she's carrying the baby of America's most wanted man. Could that be the news that inevitably...



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