Masters of Sex Recap: Pop Goes the Weasel


Dr. Freud’s been lurking in the shadows all season, and last night he finally got his due. Jane’s reading his essays, Masters is reading his book, and Virginia goes to a talk given by his daughter. We even get to see a black-and-white clip of the man himself, toodling around with his dog and his wife while proclaiming that there is a difference between a clitoral orgasm, a.k.a. an “immature orgasm,” and a vaginal one — in other words, the kind that can only be provided by a man. (And Ulysses, of course) “Who would believe something like that?” Virginia asks Masters. “My patients,” he says, explaining that a quarter of them believe they’re frigid. A quarter! And all because some Austrian guy with well-kept facial hair couldn’t satisfy his wife, or at least that’s Virginia’s (admittedly fairly Freudian) theory. You can’t even try to debunk the guy without being influenced by him. But as Masters acknowledges, Freud’s ideas have their limits — he stopped reading him after learning about the Oedipus Complex, after all. (HA! Sometimes this show makes me laugh out loud.)  Read More...


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