The Walking Dead Recap: Hit The Road


I hesitate to call this episode a snoozer, considering the appearance of zombies-on-the-vine, a dismembered leg, and a damn-near-giddy smile from Michonne. Considering there’s not much going on at the prison besides blood-coughing and Hershel’s killer-flu remedy—somewhere, in real life, a dude with a handlebar moustache is concocting an artisanal elderberry martini, I just know it—it made sense to get most of the healthy folks out on the road. But what we find out there doesn’t amount to much. There’s some fairly standard-issue walker-dodging at the vet college and in the suburban neighborhood. But the real action is of the human variety, as the true natures of Carol and D’Angelo Barksdale (who’s earned enough screen time to warrant a real name now, Bob) are revealed. Neither is pretty. But did Carol get a raw deal?  Read More...


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