Thank you dedicated fans!

I'd just like to say THANK YOU TRUE BLOOD FANS.

I've been keeping an eye on the SideReel top 10 and every week True Blood is still up there even through the season has finished. We may not be no.1 but has anyone seen Gossip Girl in the top 10 as soon as their season ends?? Nope. Didn't think so. :)

I think it shows the awesome dedication to the show. So to everyone who religiously checks the discussions and news, and re-watches episodes...Thanks. :P

So why is True Blood so addictive? I've asked myself the question many times and I have trouble distinguishing one answer. Of course Eric comes to mind a lot - ha-ha - but it's more than that. The characters are complex, their is a lot of humor and despite the blood and guts - literally - that are splashed around most episodes, the show is beautifully written.

So, what do you think? Why is True Blood so addictive?




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Nov 2, 2009 10:57PM EST

It's the fresh vampire story. now that we have vampires everywhere, having this amazing plot which was originally written over 9 years ago, is changing the perspective. what would happen if vampires where real and everybody knew about them. True blood vs all other vampires has to offer the reactions of both sides to the big news with story lines that are unique to this series because of this situation it is based on. Besides those sexy vampires help a lot, who can deny Eric's Awesome looks or Bill's i-don't-know-what that make the show far more attracting. We also have to thank HBO for the liberty it has upon its shows (we will never see scenes like True Blood's on The Vampire Diaries hehe).

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Nov 16, 2009 6:55AM EST

Haha, very good point, True Blood is defiantly unique in its story line and content.
And yes...Eric...well its more of a visual impact than a descriptive one haha

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