'Doctor Who': Is John Hurt's Mystery Doctor the Time Lord's darkest secret?

It was only in the past six months that I became a die-hard Whovian. Matt Smith, I'm proud to say, is my Doctor. Although I enjoyed David Tennant, Smith resonated with me more.Once I had watched all seven seasons (or series I guess I should say), I spent the next few months learning about "Doctor Who" lore. The Day of the Doctor has quickly become a point of obsession for me. WHAT HAPPENS ON THE "DAY OF THE DOCTOR"? That question is for another day... November 23 to be exact. I'm writing this to explain to you all who I believe the Mystery Doctor is.I am of course referring to the incarnation of the Doctor who appeared at the end of "The Name of the Doctor." Played by John Hurt, this guy appears to be one major bada**. There's something wrong with him though. He is the Doctor's darkest secret. Smith looks at Hurt with...



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