'The Walking Dead': Why sending Carol away is Season 4's riskiest move

"The Walking Dead" hasn't been afraid to try new things in Season 4. From its virus storyline to its absence of the Governor (thus far), this season has been shaking up a formula that worked really, really well in Season 3, and making "The Walking Dead" a better show for it. Showrunner Scott Gimple pushed that concept a step farther in episode 4 "Indifference" when Rick took Carol away from the Prison and then made her leave their group of survivors without much discussion. This surprising turn of events came after Carol confirmed to Rick that she was the person who murdered Karen and David and then burned their bodies in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. This dismissal of Carol is a risky move for "The Walking Dead" because it's shaking up a dynamic that has worked so well on the show. Carol has had a major evolution over the series'...



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