'Hostages' episode 7 - 'Hail Mary': Another failed pass

Ellen (Toni Collette) cannot catch a break in Monday's (Nov. 4) episode of "Hostages."She and her husband, Brian (Tate Donovan), have decided the only way out of the situation with Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott) holding their family hostage is to kill him.Given that Carlisle's a trained marksman, with an arsenal at his disposal, Ellen a surgeon and Brian a businessman, the odds of successfully killing Carlisle are lousy.The episode brings the action back to the series' premise: assassinating the president (James Naughton), who appears on screen for the first time in a while.For those watching closely: A hint was dropped in the third episode that the first lady of the United States (Mary Elizabeth Mastroantonio) could be the power who wants her husband dead.In this episode, her sister (Joanna Kelly) shows up as an ambassador, who had a fling with the president. The first lady is not the forgiving sort.In a tense conversation toward the...



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