'Bones': Romance and murder in 'The Nazi on the Honeymoon'

Leave it to "Bones" to bring audiences one of its best mysteries of Season 9 in an episode that should have been a throwaway. With Booth and Brennan on their long-awaited honeymoon in Argentina, lots of romance and a little light murder would have been sufficient.Instead, "The Nazi on the Honeymoon" brought in the treasures of war, dark histories, solid detective work and a killer that no one would ever guess.Brennan doesn't do relaxingMost couples would be content to sit around and enjoy fruity drinks (when not having sex) on a honeymoon. Brennan and Booth are not most couples. Once her books are read, Brennan gets antsy -- to the point where Booth thinks she might have a bug on her.The only solution? That would be murder, of course. Having been in Argentina before, Brennan knows just where to find the most bones and therefore heads directly to the Buenos Aires morgue. There, she...



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