'Hart of Dixie' recap: Wade proves to be the smartest person in Bluebell ... and the right guy for Zoe

Raise your hand if you still don't think Zoe and Wade are endgame on "Hart of Dixie." Yeah, that's right, no one is raising their hands because Monday (Nov. 4) night's all-new episode, "How Do You Like Me Now?" proved that not only is Wade the right guy for Zoe, but he also knows it and doesn't seem to sweat the fact that she thinks she belongs with Joel. Wade is patient, and knows she'll end up with him at the end of the day. Joel is just the "Act 2 complication" in the story of Zoe's love life.So how did Wade step up to the plate to prove both his newfound maturity and his assurance that Zoe will end up with him? After Zoe finds out via Dash's weekly poll that only 13% of Bluebell thinks Joel is the right guy for her, she sets out to make it her new mission to...



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