'Beauty and the Beast' recap: A bloody and beastly 'Reunion'

Never take a beast to a high-school reunion. It's not likely to end well.Catherine finds this out very clearly in the "Beauty and the Beast" episode, "Reunion." How could it have turned out well when she was being pursued by not one but two beasts?Cat isn't good at partiesPoor Catherine Chandler might want to just avoid all social engagements that don't consist solely of someone leaping in through her window. Those are the only ones that seem to really work out for her.Still, you can't blame a girl for trying! And try she does in this episode. Not only does Catherine host a small get together with high school friends, but she also manages to attend her 10-year high school reunion (Note: Don't do the math on this. It won't come out right and is only distracting.)That initial party even seems to go well for awhile -- lots of wine and girl talk. This...



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