deanna pick the right guy

from watching the show i feel deanna choice should be jason, on the home dates they such a wonderful family. deanna made the right choice sending graham home, he was not ready and if she had kept him there she would have been left broken hearted again. i think deanna is a great girl, from the final 3 the choice she needs to make to be happy is jason.



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Jun 24, 2008 3:30PM EDT

i agree with the jason part definately but i think jesse shouldve been sent home instead of graham

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Jun 25, 2008 7:58AM EDT

Jason's kid is so cute and talkative. I loved the ending when the duck bit Deanna and he said, "That's a bad duck." Adorable. They did look happy together, but as a mom myself, I wouldn't want Deanna to have to start of a brand new relationship with all the added pressure. I think it'll make it harder for them to spend the quality time together they'll need. My son is going on 7 and I haven't had a real boyfriend since his dad because it's so hard to make time for anyone other than my kiddo. My protection mode goes into overdrive when it comes to him, so I don't allow men to meet him unless it gets serious...which hasn't happened...and we go back to the time issue as to why it hasn't.I think Deanna would be best suited with Jeremy. Fresh start, great guy, driven and secure with a lot in common. Too bad Graham had to be so immature. I felt so bad for her at the end when letting him go. I think he was more concerned with his man card then really falling into the process.

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Jun 28, 2008 4:10PM EDT

Deanna is a beautiful smart woman. I don't think that Jason would have a tug of war with Deanna and his son at all. He has such a warm heart that Deanna won't feel any pressure. She looked so comfortable with the family that once they have a child together it will be even better. Jeremy is a great and wonderful guy to but just a little to perfect. In time I see him closing up his feelings like Graham. Well I can't wait to see the next episode. Ohh Jesse has to be next. So sad of him saying he is not ready to get married. I thought these men knew what they were getting into with the show. Hello to get married!!Good luck to Deanna she deserves it.LL of ILLinois

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