Grimm Season 3 Review “A Dish Best Served Cold”

Last season, I felt like Grimm lacked consistency and could be a great show, but wasn’t quite there. So far, this season is a big improvement and is finally stating to fulfill the show’s potential. This week, Nick and Hank tackle a gruesome case of exploding stomachs and try to stop a war between Wesen. You know, just another day’s work at Portland P.D.

We start with Nick undergoing a rigorous physical. His super powers have definitely kicked in. The doctor tries several different ways to elevate Nick’s heart and blood pressure, but it’s just not happening. Considering Nick’s mom is such a ninja-bad ass, maybe this is something that has been in Nick all along and just needed to be triggered. He gets the all clear, but we know that something isn’t right. I think he will need a visit from his mother to help him figure out the changes within him.



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