The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Speed Dating Is The Worst”

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the very entertaining “Speed Dating Is The Worst”, as the teams make their way from Vienna, Austria to Abu Dhabi. It would be difficult to think of two cities that are as different as these two, so it was definitely a shock to go from Europe these past few weeks to the Middle East.

One of my favorite things to do in every Amazing Race episode is check what time the teams are departing, as this tells you how far apart they were in the last episode. They always edit the show to make it look like the teams are so close together, but the times can sometimes reveal that the “neck and neck” finishes are up to a half hour apart. This week’s departure times revealed that Tim and Marie arrived a full five minutes before Jason and Amy. It appears that the producers just asked Tim and Marie to stick around just so that they could have that little spat on camera.



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