The Good Wife Season 5 Review “The Next Week”

Two weeks removed from finally letting the bomb go off inside of Lockhart/Gardner, The Good Wifehas spent its time charting a new course for the show. Florrick/Agos continues to flounder while Lockhart/Gardner tries to flourish. Still, it was easy to imagine the show would return to business as usual once the dust settled. Instead, the show continued its run of subverting our expectations in the service of something far greater.

The “case of the week” started harmlessly enough, but the consistent turns of the case gave us a chance to reembrace Will to some degree after watching him stomp around like a petulant child for two weeks. Through all of the venom being spewed over the last two weeks, it became easy to forget how competent of a lawyer show The Good Wife can be. Josh Charles really looked tremendous as we watched him sink deeper and deeper into the case. I was surprised the case didn’t come to a conclusion within the episode, but I’m kind of excited to see what The Good Wife can do when one of their “normal” cases gets an opportunity to really breathe. It’s a nice little showcase for Charles, and he’s really looked great.



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