Masters of Sex Season 1 Review “All Together Now”

So, it finally happened, and in typical “Masters of Sex” fashion- which is to say, atypical of pretty much any other show that comes to mind- things didn’t necessarily go as expected. On “All Together Now,” it was all about everyone coming together in one way or another- literally and figuratively. Hey, it is “Masters of Sex” we’re talking about here.

So, my expectation was that once Masters and Johnson got around to doing the deed, that would be all she wrote for Masters, and at first, at least, it seemed like that would be the case. Or not. Yes, Masters did indeed get a bit more attached than he thought he would, as expected, but when the ever-pragmatic Johnson took him aside to tell him it would only work if he continued to deliver the goods to his wife, Masters, after a certain level of initial resistance and resentment, did just that.



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