Bones Season 9 Review “The Dude in the Dam” – Congratulations, It’s a Fly!

In this episode of Bones, called “The Dude in the Dam,” Brennan meets the author version of her arch nemesis, while Hodgins decides to do the grosses thing I’ve ever seen on this show.

It was appropriate that this week’s murder centered on a man who made a career out of donating his less-than-ideal sperm to unsuspecting women. Though Hodgins’ condition had nothing to do with sperm – at least I don’t think so, how are bot fly babies made anyway? – he did become a father for the second time… well, sort of. Actually, to be more accurate, I guess you could say that Hodgins became a mother this time, since he basically gave birth to that little fly larva. I have to admire the writers for giving us a storyline that had me alternately laughing and thinking that I was going to lose my lunch. Normally, they just do that with one, maybe two, dead bodies in an episode but this time they went all out and kept giving us more and more grossness throughout the entire episode. As nauseating as it was, I did think it was so like Hodgins to do something like that and, strangely enough, I did admire him for it.



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