The Blacklist Season 1 Review “General Ludd”

One of the cool things about the format of The Blacklist is its ability to attract good actors for a one off fun ride. What’s been really impressive about the first handful of episodes is that all of the actors used in the guest starring role have all brought it. Whether they’ve been effective or not is debatable, but nobody has come on screen and mailed it in. That trend continued tonight with the typically muted performance from Justin Kirk. In many ways, Kirk’s portrayal of the General Ludd leader was something The Blacklist needs more of going forward. Ludd had an ideology, could articulate it, and wasn’t super weird about it. If Reddington can be a super criminal without being one of the weirdest people on the planet, surely other high-level criminals can be as well. Kirk’s performance here was perfectly serviceable. He was able to propel the action without getting in the way of it, and really seemed like he belonged in this world. When portraying the bad guy of the week, you shouldn’t attempt to accomplish more than those two things.



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