Where was Cuddy??

After the past two episodes, which centered in some way or other around Huddy, I was disappointed that we got no resolution at all. Even Wilson seemed to give up on pressuring House and Cuddy to get together. I want to see more smooches. Hmph.

Anyway, on to the patient: a sixteen year old female factory worker who had a seizure-y thing and almost got her head smushed. She lied a whole bunch of times - she gave a false name, said her parents were dead, then said she was actually raped by her father. Finally, after some pressure from House, she admitted that she accidentally let her little brother drown in the bathtub. We are left to assume that she then ran away from home. She must have been gone awhile, considering that she seemed to be in a position of authority in the hospital and knew all about the sacrifices her coworker, Paolo, had made in the past. This case was all well and good (although I did flinch when House asked, "What's worse than rape?" Not much, in my opinion.)

I was more interested in Foreman's doings. Those two little boys were so adorable, even though one was accidentally killing the other. Foreman trying to prove himself and challenge House was a little too risky for my taste. Without the (welcome and entirely too brief) appearances of Chase and Cameron, who did all of Foreman's testing and assisted in the 'A-ha!' moment, the little boy might have died. Maybe "boring" Foreman is finally getting in the game?

I was also hoping that this would be the long awaited Kutner-centric episode. He is definitely my favorite of House's three new flunkies, and all we know about him is that he is adopted and possibly has a thing for pain. I love Kal Penn and I want to know what is up with his orphaned Indian ass!

It looks like next week's episode should be pretty scary and exciting. Maybe Huddy will be stunned into lovemaking. Here's hoping.



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