No going back now...

Well, despite all the visions of Harry, he's done it. Dexter has shared the kill with Miguel. And it seemed to go well, until he went a-knocking all creepy-like at Ellen's door. Unfortunately, in keeping with past trends, Dexter will probably have to kill Miguel if he kills Ellen. Just like Rudy and Lila, the only people who have remotely understood Dexter, Miguel can't follow the code. Dexter actually seems to be the only person with the (moral?) fortitude to stick to it. This may be why he is such a sympathetic character while the other sometimes seem like sickos. Poor Dexter. He's finally not alone.. again.. but all good things must end.

I am so pissed that Anton is probably dead! Even since he missed breakfast, I knew how this episode would end. I was yelling "Don't be skinned.. DO NOT BE SKINNED!" the whole time. I love Anton. First of all, he is fiiine. I like just looking at him. Second of all, he is not a serial killer or really freakin old. Third of all, he pulls that big "I am a cop and naught but a cop!" stick out of Deb's butt. So she better save him. Deb as a character is way less annoying than in the past - maybe it's the hair? - and all I want for her is a shield and a boyfriend.

In other news, Rita is being a hormone-y biiitch. I'm a woman, but it was a chick move even for me that she said she didn't want an engagement ring when she really did. Poor, socially awkward Dexter, left counting down the months til birth. Thank goodness they finally bonded at the end. I prefer sweet Rita.

Angel's budding romance is cute, but doesn't seem to relate to the other plot threads. Maria's new friendship with Ellen was also nice to watch. I didn't realize how lonely she was after Doakes blew up. Speaking of her loneliness, does that woman just go after everyone? Tonight she asked out Angel, in Season 1 she was hitting on Dexter, she slept with her boss' boyfriend, and she has dated both Doakes and Prado. Geez. I even sensed some Callie/Erica vibes before Ellen started blatantly hitting on the not that cute bartender.

I was disappointed with Quinn's story. Letting someone's drug addiction slide is not as evil an act as I expected. There must be more to that. It's pretty cruel how he was stringing Anton along - is that what Yuki was investigating? - but it doesn't make me hate the guy.

I for one suspected that tree trimming boss as soon as he appeared. What a creeper! He was falsely jolly and way too calm and collected. If that teensy old man kills Anton I will flip.

Hopes? Fears? Fantasies anyone? Is anyone else as enamored with Anton as I am?




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Nov 18, 2008 7:15PM EST

ok, first of all - debra and the other charecter are less boring becouse of, thet season they are more focused on the sub charecters, instad of dexter. second - im still not shoure if Anton is dead, (witch is more likely) or just ran away (a very good deception is to let us think thet his going to die but he is actully a crip) i hope the he is a crip so he won die, and also - youre right about Anton's charm (witch he can use like "the big hore" song thet he wrote for deb if you still dont got it "la pota" means a hore. and finnaly dexter's illusions - its hard to decide thet if they are a metafores for us to the desitions thet he hes to make, or thet dexter is just a nut. and miguel is probely going to be arrasted with or without he kills allan - it is just a matter of time.

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Nov 18, 2008 7:22PM EST

Good review. I like Anton a lot too, he is a calm and collected guy, pretty much the polar opposite of Deb, which could do her some good if he survives. I also suspected the first guy they brought in for questioning, I don't know if he is going to end up being the skinner or not, but with only 4 episodes left, we're going to have to find out for sure soon!
As for what is going to happen to Miguel, I really hope that Dexter doesn't have to kill him, let me enforce how I feel by saying this again: I really hope that Dexter doesn't have to kill him. But if he is not going to honor the code, then I don't see any other options, unless he gets arrested, but that would be kind of anti-climatic. Miguel seems to have a dark hole inside of him that is just as difficult to fill as Dexter's, and unfortunately I don't think that he is going to be able to abide by the code. If it wasn't for the shirt that had Freebo's blood on it that he gave to Dexter, I would have said that Miguel was just playing Dexter, trying to set him up. But with that and now with Miguel having ended a life, I don't see that happening. What I want to see is Dexter actually telling Miguel that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher, I would like to see Miguel's reaction and how that would go down.
The Quinn story line did end up being kind of a 'that's it?' kind of thing, when they were playing him out to be some sort of mysterious badass, so I'm hoping that something else comes out of that. I would have liked to see more from Angel, rather than just a love story line, I mean don't get me wrong it's nice to see him finally finding someone and getting over his wife, but he is such an awesome guy and I would have liked to see him more involved with the skinner case.
But whatever happens at the end of the season, I'm sure all of us will be shocked. But the bad news is only four more weeks of Dexter, then we all have to wait another 10 months.

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