Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Family Tradition”

We finally go back to where we started on this week’s Hart of Dixie, ‘Family Tradition’, with Zoe tracking down her biological father’s side of the family. However, in typical Zoe Hart style, she sabotages her chance of being accepted by freaking out and pretending her and Joel are the entertainment.

I really enjoyed seeing Zoe do something with her time off work and go searching for the family she never felt she had. With her and Joel’s relationship getting stronger and stronger, it makes total sense that she would want people around for the holidays but, because she’s grown up with all of these issues only aggravated by the prospect of big family fun times, she’s outright rejected by her cousin after revealing herself. Will this be a season-long arc for Zoe? I really hope so, because a big base camp of family is something this show lacks.




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