Sleepy Hollow Recap: The Sin I Live In


So much for my Sleepy Hollow drinking game. I had one all schemed out for tonight’s episode, the show’s first after a three-week mini-hiatus, my whiskey at the ready because I thought something brown would pair nicely with both the sepia-tinged aesthetic of the show and, let’s face it, its distinct layer of cheese.


Rule No. 1, for example, was to pound a shot every time Ichabod Crane went all Bill & Ted’s over a modern-day convenience like power-operated windows or a remote control. These bits of comic relief, which sprouted out of Crane often being relegated to the role of sidekick, roughly averaged out to two shots per episode — the perfect cruising altitude for gliding over, through, and across big- and small-screen genres with the sort of cheeky, low-key panache Sleepy Hollow seemed content to achieve. But having just watched “The Sin Eater,” I’m as bone-dry as a 232-year-old corpse. The closest Crane came to a Back to the Future 2 moment was during the opening scene, when he took a crack at chewing out a baseball umpire, hurling insults so tart that I now plan to buy expensive seats near the Mets’ dugout next season just so I, too, can call a real-life ump “Basket Face.”  Read More...


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