How I Met Your Mother Recap: Modest Proposals


Is more of the Mother enough to end the cold streak? When paired with callbacks to zitch dog, the Proclaimers, and the mysterious absence of Robin’s mom, as well as a spoof of New York City’s insatiable appetite for “cool secret bars” and the return of Curtis and Linus, I’m going to venture a yes.


I was a little apprehensive going into last night’s episode, which promised to continue the outlandish battle between Robin and Mrs. Stinson (Frances Conroy) that began in “The Poker Game,” the episode that, in my opinion, started this season’s downhill slide. When Loretta first tore off her earrings at the sight of Robin in her blouse (the writers never neglect this detail of girl fights), I thought we were in for a tiresome 22 minutes. But the plot was nicely balanced by a more emotional ending. Until Robin mentions her mom’s scrambled eggs could beat (accidental pun) Loretta’s any day of the week, I’d almost forgotten that this character has been anonymous throughout the series, and no sooner did I think, “Oh, riiiggght” then Future Ted gave us a little précis of what we know so far: Robin’s mom is afraid of flying and once got stung by a jellyfish. (The flashbacks looked real enough to make me wonder if I’d forgotten those scenes, but I am 98 percent sure they were reenacted.)  Read More...


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