'Person of Interest': Carter discovers HR's head in 'The Perfect Mark'

Carter's quest to discover who is at the head of HR is finally paying off. In "Person of Interest" Season 3 episode 7 "The Perfect Mark," she lost her rookie Laskey but finally got the intel she was looking for about who Simmons and Terney are reporting to: Alonzo Quinn. She should have been suspicious of Quinn all along, truth be told, but it will be interesting to see how she responds to this news in future episodes. Now Carter has killed Terney (after Terney killed Laskey, sadly) and has her mark, which means she should be ready to move in for her big catch. That's right in time for "Person of Interest" to kick off a big three-episode event called "Endgame" next week (Nov. 12) that seems to involve Fusco being made a target. It's worth noting that the Machine keeps drawing Reese, Finch and Shaw in on missions that coincide with Carter's. They...



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