'Supernatural' recap: 'Dog Dean Afternoon' provides plenty of laughs ... but raises a lot of worrisome questions

We knew we were in for a treat in this week's "Supernatural," because Dean plus dogs equals amazeballs. But we didn't even have to wait for the actual episode to begin on Tuesday (Nov. 5) for the laughs to start flowing, because the "Then" montage was the Best. Then. Montage. Ever. It went all the way back to Dean's GIF-worthy scream from Season 4's "Yellow Fever!"Seriously, can we just pause and watch this over and over?Okay, back to recappin' "Dog Dean Afternoon."As with all of "Supernatural's" hilarious episodes, this week's goofy animal-centric storyline still managed to focus on the big season-long arc ... namely, Sam's angelic pacemaker Zeke. While working a case that involved a cancer-ridden loon eating animal organs, Zeke had to make an appearance to save Sam's life, and that interference raised questions for both Sam and Dean. But let's back up a bit.How did Sam and Dean get back out on...



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