'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Kid Cudi guest stars to 'Joke' on '48 Hours'

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is quietly becoming one of our favorite, solid, ensemble comedies, and not just because of the yin-yang push-and-pull between Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) but because the rest of the cast play so well off of each other. There's a little bit of sexual tension, a good non-sequitur here and there, and an almost constant stream of "best lines." What more can you ask for in a half-hour show?Rapper/actor Kid Cudiguest starred on tonight's episode "48 Hours" as Dustin Whitman, a recently-released from prison troublemaker that Jake pulled in under the suspicion of holding up a jewelry store. But since there's no evidence at all, and Jake jumped the arrest gun, as it were, Jake (or "Joke" as Dustin calls him repeatedly) only has 48 hours to link Dustin to the heist, or let him go, and the rest of the department has to stay the weekend...



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