All Is Lost - Review

All Is Lost is a man-stranded-at-sea movie, starring Robert Redford in a role with almost no dialogue. He plays an unnamed fellow who wakes up on his small yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean, only to see that a random shipping crate has gashed a hole in the hull. It's like his own miniature iceberg scrape: Suddenly, his boat could go down, and he with it. Most movies that strand a solitary figure at sea (likeLife of Pi) or on a desert island (like Cast Away) are lonely but upbeat tales of invention and survival. J.C. Chandor, the writer and director ofAll Is Lost, does a radical existential twist on those stories. The film starts out with Redford in voice-over, reading an apologetic farewell to his family, saying that 'all is lost.' It's quite a downer of an opening, and when the movie then flashes back eight days, we're primed to experience Redford's journey as a downward spiral, the story of a man getting sucked into the void.

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