Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Review

Bad Grandpa, a Jackass-branded candid-camera stunt comedy, is a movie that demonstrates that some spontaneous caught looks of shocked civilian outrage are a lot funnier than others. Johnny Knoxville, hidden under a deftly authentic senior-citizen makeup job (liver spots, salty mustache, thinning white hair combed back), pretends to be a cantankerous old coot named Irving, who after the death of his wife (a happy event, in his eyes) drives across America with his grandson, Billy (Jackson Nicoll), going into bars and bingo parlors and supermarkets, saying the most rudely inappropriate things he can. He propositions women with raunchy bluntness, or has Billy do it for him. He gets his member stuck in a soda machine, stops a car wash when an airbag goes off in his face, and generally behaves like someone who has just escaped from the senior center and has lost his marbles (though not his testicles; they, or at least an outrageous prosthetic version of them, are on full display).




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