Last Vegas - Review

Last Vegas, the story of four cantankerous codgers in their late 60s who reunite for a weekend bachelor party in Vegas, is the sort of movie in which everything that happens is diagrammed, arced, and pressed through the gold-leaf cookie cutter of mainstream Hollywood comedy. Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline are each playing men who are stuck in a rut and need to be prodded back to life. Thus, the outline of the movie is basically City Slickers meets Grumpy Old Men meets (ironically enough) a teens-losing-their-virginity farce, since most of these characters have been away from sex and romance for so long that they might as well be starting over. When you go to a movie like Last Vegas, you know that you're seeing a comedy-as-market-tested-package, yet on that level this one is reasonably competent — it rarely goes over-the-top or insults your intelligence. And since Douglas, De Niro, Freeman, and Kline display the soft-shoe touch of old pros who know how to let loose and enjoy themeslves playing these stodgy, insult-tossing cranks, the actors put just a little bit of flesh on the movie's high-concept bones.

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